5 Job Satisfaction Tips to Boost Your Mood

5 Job Satisfaction Tips to Boost Your Mood


It’s Monday morning yet you simply can’t wait for the weekend to begin. Ever wondered where all the motivation has gone? Maybe the answer is just around the corner: you are unhappy with your job. Job satisfaction has become one of the major concerns for companies with many going out of their ways to ensure workplace happiness for their workers. But since we – as employees – are also responsible for our own happiness, here are some handy takeaways to maximize job satisfaction and make Mondays a little more bearable.


1. Set realistic career plans

If “today’s not my day” has become your tagline lately, then having an outlook toward future goals can really motivate you to push through all the setbacks. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving more than what you can yesterday. The key is to be realistic. Set goals that you can get started on and don’t forget to measure your progress.


2. Love thy colleagues

Never say no to team lunches! While friendships can’t be forged right away, relationship-building activities such as group projects and Friday happy hours are great opportunities to get to know your colleagues as well as upgrading your communication skills. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new pilates buddy from work.


3. Do something you love

Start your day by doing something you enjoy even if it’s as simple as making a cup of coffee. A small task that you’re fond of doing can really put yourself in a good mood to begin the day with. How about putting on your favorite playlist on the way to work?


4. Your workspace is your comfort zone

We spend one-third of our days working so shouldn’t our workplace deserve some love too? Ensure that your working desk is comfortable by using ergonomic office equipment such as lamps, chairs and monitor arms. We also recommend adding some personal touches for good measures. Proper working areas offer tons of benefits such as boosting productivity, increasing job satisfaction – you name it!


5. Stand up for your health

A healthy work-life balance can’t be underlined enough when it comes to improving your job satisfaction. Take a break and stretch your legs, but if you can’t miss a second of work then give height-adjustable desks a try. Research has found that switching from sitting to standing from time to time can reduce back pain as well as improve your mood.