8 Must-Haves for a Productive Home Office

8 Must-Haves for a Productive Home Office


When it comes to working from home, many of you may have some of the essentials needed to create a home office, but still experience a lack of productivity when you need to get work done. Those in search of products to boost their productivity do not need to look any further, for we’ve narrowed it down to only 10 things you need to bring back that office-level productivity.


1. Designated working area

The first and most important thing is to have a working area that is comfortable and supportive. Reducing office syndrome or tension while working will keep you in a good mood, which in turn, allows you to produce better results.


2. Ergonomic equipment

Although your bed is probably the most comfortable place at home, it does not support your working posture as proper work chairs do. While you don’t have to splurge on every office equipment, a good chair that supports your sitting position is a worthy investment. Known for its ergonomics solution and health-positive design, why not give Aeron chair by Herman Miller a try?


3. Proper lighting

Proper lighting is essential for working long hours as it reduces eye strain and headaches. Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen, for example, developed lamps with a three-shade system that directs light in a downward direction. Not to mention, the lampshades are topped with materials that give a softer yet adequate light distribution.


4. Planner

Having a proper planner next to you is a great way to keep your office routine in check, which adds a productive environment to your home. Writing things down also helps with memorization and reduces confusion when you are switching back and forth between tasks. Grey Ray makes a “Life Plan” planner that can be customized to suit however you would like your dream journal to be.


5. High-speed internet

You’re frustrated that it’s taking forever to download that one file. We’ve all been there. Upgrade to high-speed internet for the most seamless online working experience.


6. Storage

There’s nothing more annoying than a messy work desk. Keeping things organized in storage is the key to better productivity and working efficiency. Herman Miller’s Formwork is a range of stackable desktop storages with considerations for utility, so certain items are kept within reach and others out of sight and distraction.


7. Headphones

Not all of us have the privilege of having a peaceful and quiet home. Getting yourself a noise-canceling headphone like Sennheiser Home Audio can do you wonders. Not only are they wireless but they also provide a comfortable and ergonomic fitting for an extended period of use. Now you can stay extra focused without any disruptions anytime and anywhere.


8. Motivation and discipline

You can have all the top-notch equipment but they’re not the ones doing the work — you are. While it can be challenging to stick to your deadlines without your boss checking up on you, a proper working environment can fuel your productivity. But if you needed a little more inspiration then you’re in luck! A team of remote-working experts is giving their best tips to stay motivated while working from home for you to check out.