Easy Ways to Maintain Your Hygiene at the Office

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Hygiene at the Office


As many countries start to reopen, offices around the world are discussing post-quarantine plans for their employees, which might not be as easy as plugging back in your laptop at your old office desk. Many experts—including Herman Miller— have predicted that things aren’t going back exactly to how they were. Instead, this is the beginning of the “new normal.” COVID-19 will influence certain office etiquettes including physical distancing and rigorous hygiene practices long after the outbreak comes to an end. New behavioral norms will become a routine in the long run and with that being said, we’ve rounded up the best hygiene protocol that you can follow to ensure the most pleasant working environment for all.


Wash and clean after use

In addition to the strict sanitation measures being imposed by most companies, you should still set a personal cleaning schedule as well. We know that adding one more task to your office to-do’s might sound burdensome, but a clean working environment can also help with working morale and overall productivity. Still can’t find the time? Aim to tackle the “hotspots”—the most frequently touched areas—at the very least.



Yes, you read it right. ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ to the office, and by this, we mean a personal bottle of water to avoid sharing the same container with others. As you sip your drink constantly throughout the day, the container is more likely to come into contact with your eyes, mouth and nose—all of which are sensitive areas that have the highest chance to catch germs.


Keep food secured

Researchers found food to be the biggest bacteria-carrier, and in some offices where the pantry is the most popular spot, cross-contamination easily becomes a problem. Not only should food be stored in a proper container but perhaps for the moment, sharing does not necessarily mean caring. If anyone asks to have a bite of your food, just politely tell them “hands off my stir-fry!”


Call in sick

There’s going to be a time when you wake up on your big meeting day and feel a sudden pang of sickness. While denying your state and making it to the meeting seems tempting, it is actually counterproductive, especially when everyone’s health is so important right now in order to avoid another outbreak. So instead, you should respect your colleagues and their health by taking a sick leave. If anything, this lockdown has made remote working the new normal, so hopefully your bosses will allow you to maintain that flexibility while recovering from the comfort of your home.