The Post-Pandemic Office Survival Guide


The global outbreak of COVID-19 has forced millions of workers to stay home, making #WFH the number one trending topic in the past few months. However, as countries start to ease lockdown rules on their way back to normalcy, many of us are allowed to go back to our dearly missed office. While this may seem as exciting as going back to school after a long summer break, you can’t neglect your responsibility to comply with the new health and safety measures. Here, we’ve concluded the main tips you need to survive in the “new normal” post-pandemic workplace.


Make sanitization a habit

Keep sanitizers and cleaning wipes ready at hand – literally. Since personal hygiene has reached a new standard, it is important to learn to make sanitizing a priority and a habit. This includes wearing masks in public areas, and cleaning after yourself and your space to maintain an infection-free environment for yourself and others.


Keep your distance

The phrase “I need my space” can now be used in a professional setting. We are aware of how physical distancing can help to prevent the spread of any contagions, so staying two meters apart as the baseline suggests wouldn’t do anyone any harm. To help you keep your distance, Framery makes a soundproof phone booth that’s perfect for when you need some space – and of course, privacy – in the office. Just remember to properly clean the booths right after each use.


Eliminate the surfaces

Researchers found that certain virus species can remain on the surface for a long period of time. By reducing unnecessary items, you can eliminate extra surfaces being touched, which also means less cleaning to do. If you still want to add some personal touches to lift up the workplace mood, go for items with easy-to-clean surfaces instead.


Maintain flexibility

Many apps and software are ready to assist your flexible working style. For conference calls, don’t forget your old friend Zoom just yet as we can never be sure when situations like this will happen again. Shifting from local storage to cloud is a good way to access your work remotely. Beside these tools, it’s always better to inhabit workplace flexibility skills such as keeping positive attitudes and open-mindedness to new challenges.